Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we receive at Should you have a question not included on this page, please contact us.Click question to see answers.

  I assume the pricing is for buying X number of emails to be send and can be carried forward to next months. What if I don't use the entire quota in a month?

  Does the program verify the email ID on each post to avoid re-sending to the same post again, irrespective of the email account from which the initial email response was send?

  How can I cancel my account.

  You are charging by the email using xx@craigslist under specific section, correct? Can I specify the URL of which I want the emails, the city and specific section?

  What are your best practices for sending out mass emails? I'm open to buying 250,000 credits and sending out a ton of craigslist responses, to all kinds of craigslist ads, but I want my email accounts to last me more than 20-30 emails... otherwise I'll need like ten thousand accounts and that gets expensive. How can I make email accounts last longer? What services are best?

  How can I check that my emails are sent? help

  How can I remove my old sent response after 30 days, so that I can reply again for all those craigslist ads.

  Hi, I am interested in starting to use your service. I did have a it possible to have the emails sent from email addresses you guys own or anonymous email addresses? I am primarily interested in driving traffic to a website (not getting replies to my email). What do you recommend? Thank you

  Does your company have any other marketing services that I can use for earning more benefits? I would be interested in any kind of email campaign.

  Why is there no Subject in Subject Line. It said it would be generated.

  Why is Message not in HTML? Do I need to write the HTML langage

  What is meant by Attachment? Is it a picture or a URL.

  I still am not getting emails so I can verify my email address.

  How you send emails without the login passwords.

  In Template section personalization available for message and subject section?

  For the reply to email address, for each email account you create and send emails from that would be the reply address?

  How many email templates can be configured?

  Are you having a demo of how to set up this system? I am loosing time and money.

  I need to respond to only those Ads that were posted on Feb 29. Does the program have facility to filter the Ads based on date posted?

  Hi, I'm current member, but for some reason my emails are not send. Is there a delay before the emails are sent? Can you help me get things rolling if I pay you hourly? I need to get some leads fast, please let me know if you can help. Thanks

  Are you able to circumvent the captcha for Claissified Ad Responder Personals?