Classified Ad Responder Emails Extractor
Classified Ad Email Extractor is web based email extractor tool that extracts the email addresses of the ad posters on Craigslist and Kijiji. People use this as lead generation software which provides highly targeted traffic to their website. Unlike other Classified Ad email extractor software that blacklist your server or IP address and causes your computer to run slow, Classified Ad Responder collects email addresses effortlessly through the web. Our state of the art crawling technology was developed in-house over 8 months that is super accurate in extracting emails without getting banned.

Classified Ad Email extractor tool reduces the time and efforts that you put into search Classified Ad postings manually that match your criteria. It is a simple and cost-effective way to search classified postings and responding them automatically.

You can target individual city and category that you want to promote your services in. Here are some examples of how our members are using this service:
A realtor in Boston signed up to contact all the people who are posting ads to sell properties under "Housing" category.
A dating site webmaster is targeting men who are posting ads under "Personal" category and "Men looking for Women" sub category.
A small recruitment company in Tampa, FL, is reaching out to people who are posting resume under "Resume" category and are looking for contract jobs.
A New Hampshire based wedding and event organizer is reaching out to people who are looking for wedding planners and event organizers.
An Ohio City based Hydraulic styling chair supplier is reaching out to people who are into salon business under "Furniture" category.
The tool allows you to extract helpful data from your target business categories and you can utilize it easily, quickly and accurately than ever before. It is a hassle free, simple and effective way to respond to Craigslist and kijiji posting.

It automatically rejects the post that contains "negative" keywords that don't meet your criteria. It searches postings in any city and category combination and respond in real time. You can use multiple outbound email accounts. You can also configure your campaign to target only posters for specific cities, states or geographic locations.

The cloud based services requires one time account set up and you don't need to waste your time respond to post again and again. It ensures you that your emails get read first and get responded first. It doesn't require any software download and you can login from anywhere anytime to view real time reports.