Get Started with Ad responding now!

Respond to Craigslist,Kijiji postings 24/7

No matter which cities and categories you select for your campaigns, whenever a new post is
added that matches your criteria, our system will quickly respond with your targeted message.

Being the "First Responder" has its advantages:

  • Your targeted message gets VIEWED first
  • Your message gets READ first
  • Your message is RESPONDED to first

This service runs 24/7. It will search for ads that meet your search criteria and then
it will use your email account(s) to send your message directly to the poster.

When ads are posted on craigslist,kijiji matching your campaign criteria, your targeted e-mail message will be sent immediately.
  • Supports keyword filtering so you only respond to the craigslist,kijiji postings that meet your criteria!
  • Set your campaigns to target only posters in a particular state, city, or geographic region.
  • Search and Respond to craigslist,kijiji postings in real time - First in Wins!

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